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Our Stroke Care Program offers:

  • A meticulous Plan of Care developed from your attending physician's discharge orders

  • An assigned team of caregivers with 2 or more years of stroke experience to care for your loved one

  • Optional medication organization from our nursing team

We are here to accept your call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Call our office to receive additional information on stroke care for your loved one. 314-363-5201

Stroke Care


How does one put the pieces back together during stroke recovery? Piece by piece, our passionate care team experts will assess, create and implement a custom plan of care, which'll begin to help establish normalcy for your loved one.  Assistance with safety precautions, therapy exercises and a prevention diet, are fundamental in aiding your loved one with their daily activities.  Call us today and speak with an  experienced & qualified team member to begin your recovery journey at home. 636-525-5445

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